Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On repeat ...

Wonderland at Midnight

Everything about this photoshoot is just ... UGHHHHH! xxx
Shot by Lexi Montoya

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holy Fuck - Red Lights

I will most likely never own a cat, my feisty feline of a friend (pun intended) Heather has graciously taken on that role. She has two at the moment ... Bella and Bunny. She has gone as far as to offer a heroine addicted, homeless woman a 100 dollars for her kitten ,while on a desert excursion . My reaction of course was forget the kitten, lets get margaritas!

I also have a whole theory on "men" (if you can call them that) whom own cats. Its a questionable pet choice and if your dating a man/boy who owns a cat you may want to rethink where that relationship is going, but that is opening a whole can of worms so we shall save that for another time.

All this babble is adding up to just this ... This video is damn entertaining! ENJOY!